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Hi guys!

Hope you’re alright. Lately I have been feeling really happy and enthusiastic about things – I feel inspired and ambitious. Unless you haven’t heard yet, I have started my own YouTube channel  and since then my mind has just been filled with ideas, day and night.  I’ve also got lots of ideas to write about and also lots of photography work is coming up too so keep an eye on my portfolio here.

I am looking for people to collaborate with on my channel and blog: interviews, wardrobe workouts, photo shoots… let me know if this sounds something you’d be keen to do 😏

So. About the outfit!

Even though I am looking quite serious in the photos I was actually really loving the outfit I chose last night! The next piece of info is not a surprise for people who already know me really well, but I love love looooove orange. I could have everything a thousand shades of orange! Hence when I saw this top it didn’t take much to decide weather it was going to come home with me… Even though it’s currently 26 degrees in York during the day, in the evening it gets quite cold so for the outfit I chose stripy culette trousers by Zara, an earthy toned 1960’s shoulder bag and yellow flipflops. Just add sunnies and you’ve got a casual, relaxed summer outfit that keeps you cool as well as warm ❤

Have a great day!

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