Finnish-born Nelli Yli-Malmi  is a Fashion Photographer, Style Enthusiast and a Producer based in York, UK.

Nelli is currently studying Photography at York St John’s University. Prior to that, she has studied acting and directing in various cities and whilst studying Performing Arts in Walsall College in 2014, she won’t the Student of the Year award for her work. Nelli has also worked as a Stage Manager for events such as Pride and therefore she is able to bring all this experience to her work as a Photographer and Producer.  This year she became involved with York Fashion Week as a Styling Assistant and Marketing Assistant.

On top of the fact that she has lived in various cities, she has also travelled around the world incl. South-East Asia and the Middle East – she feels that this experience has given her the opportunity to see a bigger picture (😉)

Welcome to Nelli On the Go!

This website contains a blog which is about her life + style as well as a portfolio exhibiting her work as a photographer.


NIMA, Copper + White, Meiji Designs, Deborah Hirzel, Carolyn Amos, Linda Vänskä etc.