Finnish-born Nelli Yli-Malmi  is a Fashion Photographer, Style Enthusiast and a Producer based in York, UK.

Self-taught, I am currently working on a degree in Photography at York St John’s University. Prior to that, I have studied acting and directing in various cities and whilst studying Performing Arts in Walsall College in 2014, I won the Student of the Year award for my work. I have also worked as a Stage Manager for events such as Helsinki Pride and therefore able to bring all this experience to my work as a Fashion Photographer and Producer.  In 2018 I became involved with York Fashion Week as a Brand Ambassador

On top of the fact that I have lived in various cities, I have also travelled around the world incl. South-East Asia and the Middle East.

Welcome to Nelli On the Go!

This website contains a blog which is about her life + style as well as a portfolio exhibiting her work as a photographer.


NIMA, Copper + White, Meiji Designs, Deborah Hirzel, Carolyn Amos, Linda Vänskä etc.